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  We use only high-quality materials for creating our PhotoCurtains. You can be confident in the quality, reliability and intensity of the colours, durability and elegancy of the fabric.

 We let you choose from 4 kinds of fabrics, each of them differs in structure and thickness and consequently, in the effect it produces. But all the fabrics are equally superior in quality and durability. Not depending on whether it will be curtains for the living-room or a valance for the kitchen, curtains with a photo for your child's room or a curtain with an elegant print for your bedroom, you will always be happy with the result and with the effect it produces on your guests.

 Gabardine – it is the most popular fabric for manufacturing photocurtains for the kitchen or bedroom. Any design of a gabardine curtain looks three-dimentional and realistic. Curtains made out of this fabric will help you hide from direct sunlight on a bright sunny day. The density of the fabric is 170 g/sq.m.

 Blackout – this is a drape fabric which has opaque and soundproof properties. If you want to create semi-darkness in the room on a sunny day, the curtains made out of blackout fabric will help you in that. Pictures on this kind of fabric come to life and give dimensions to the room. The density of the fabric is 170 g/sq.m.

 Сhiffon - this fabric is thin and light, made out of tightly twisted threads, which gives it transparence. Flowers come to life on this fabric and fill the room with dimensions and delicacy. The density of the fabric is 40 g/sq.m.



1. We print on fabric with high-quality lasting bright colours.

2. The pictures on curtains, bobbin nets, bedspreads and tablecloth don't run.

3. You can wash your curtain, bobbin net, bedspread or tablecloth with a photo in a washing machine at 30-40 degrees.

4. Our products don't fade in the sun.

5. All our fabrics have very high durability characteristics.


If you buy our curtains with a photo once, they will always make you happy!

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