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We value each partner very highly


You want to raise the profitability of your business without any additional investments?

Get more on the sale of high-quality interior textiles Wellmira!

All customers love specialities. Expand the range of your products by selling new items.

Interior textiles to suit all tastes

  • 6 kinds of commodity groups:curtains, net curtains, panoramic curtains, bedroom sets, bedspreads, curtains and kitchen sets.
  • 3 types of fabric: gabardine (medium density), blackout (light-proof), Chiffon (tulle fabric).
  • 28 categories of goods.
  • more than 1,300 models of interior textiles.
  • all products are manufactured according to the customer's measurements!

 photocurtains night cities, photo curtain night Paris PhotoSet Purple Orchid Panoramic PhotoCurtains Wellmira Trakai PhotoCurtains Arhitecture Archway to the Sea

 What do you get from working with us?

  • partner price and automatic price reduction with an increase in your sales,
  • the catalog of models in electronic form,
  • samples of fabrics,
  • training for your managers, advisory support at every stage,
  • reliable partner for long-term cooperation!

 Photo Net Curtain Twig of spring PhotoCurtains For the kitchen The Front in Flowers for the Kitchen PhotoCurtains For the kitchen Set for the kitchen Set Pink Bunch Photo Net Curtain Butterflies in Spring

5 more advantages in favor of selling Wellmira interior textiles:

  • no minimum order required,
  • delay of payment for large loyal customers,
  • constant online consultation of your managers,
  • manufacturing of any custom sizes,
  • print of any image (photo) on request!


Still have questions? Contact us Now:

We will answer all your questions and send you samples of fabric with the image of the most popular models of curtains.

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